SARscape 5.6.2 New release

We are pleased to announce the new release of SARscape 5.6.2 and SARscape Analytics Toolbox 5.6.2

The most meaningful developments are listed here below:
SBAS: Automatic refinement and reflattening, GCP are now optional and not required anymore.
• Import GACOS: Possibility to use Generic Atmospheric Correction Online Service to improve the Atmospheric Correction within Interferometry and Interferometric Stacking processing.
Time Series Classification: Possibility to automatically classify the displacement time series according to phenomenological and parametrical analyses.
Import Sentinel-1: Possibility to import Sentinel-1 data from a zip folder to reduce the disk usage.

For more information visit :

SARscape 5.6.2

SARscape Analytics Toolbox 5.6.2

Please, contact your local Harris distributor to get SARscape.

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