Who We Are

The team consists of highly motivated people with high-level skills and experience.

Achille Peternier – MSc in Computer Science at the University of Lausanne, PhD in Informatics at EPFL, research assistant at EPFL, post-doc at University of Lugano, professor in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality at SUPSI, Lugano. Expertise in parallel programming, software architecture, performance engineering, computer graphics, and virtual reality

Alessandro Cattaneo – BSc in Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Engineering, University of Pavia. Expertise in software development for drone & airborne stereo data and image processing.

Alessandro Centazzo – BSc in Computer Science, SUPSI Lugano. Expertise in deep learning and software development.

Alessio Cantone – MSc in Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Engineering, University of Trento. Expertise in SAR interferometry, radargrammetry, signal and image processing.

Cristina Furrer-Pasquali – MSc in Communication and Economics, PhD in Communication, University of Lugano. Expertise in auditing, consultancy, media, and journalism.

David Marzi – MSc in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Remote Sensing at the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, University of Pavia. Expertise in SAR and multi-spectral time-series analysis, particularly in the fields of land cover mapping, agriculture, and climate studies.

Davide Giana – System administrator with expertise in cybersecurity and programming languages..

Francesco Holecz – Co-founding owner and CEO. MSc and PhD in Geography at the Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zurich, research associate at NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Extensive experience in Earth Observation and in the development of operational services.

Giaime Origgi – BSc in Telecommunication and MSc in Business Adminstration at Politecnico of Milano. Expertise in terrain surveying, algorithm development and implementation in the land applications domain.

Giulia Tessari – MSc in Environmental Engineering and PhD in Earth Sciences at University of Padova. Formerly researcher at the Department of Geosciences at University of Padova. Expertise in measuring and modeling landslide and subsidence motions, and building and infrastructure deformations.

Loris Copa – MSc in Environmental Sciences, University of Lausanne. Expertise in software development for satellite stereo data, image processing, and machine learning.

Luca Gatti – BSc in Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Engineering, University of Pavia. Expertise in multi-temporal SAR and optical data analysis and products development.

Marcelo Kaihara – MSc in Information Engineering and PhD in Information Science from Nagoya University. Held positions at EPFL and in various software companies.. Expertise includes cloud computing, high-performance computation, and computer arithmetics with applications in photogrammetry, machine learning, image processing, cryptography, and blockchain.

Marco Defilippi – MSc in Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Engineering, University of Pavia. Expertise in SAR interferometry and software development in GPU environment.

Martina Signorini – Swiss certified specialist for finance and accounting. Administrative coordinator oversees all administrative and financial aspects.

Massimo Barbieri – MSc in Geology, University La Sapienza. Eight years of working activity at the European Space Agency. Expertise in SAR and optical land applications.

Michele Rubino – MSc in Exploration and Applied Geophysics, University of Pisa. Expertise in Satellite and Ground-Based InSAR technology applied to the monitoring of surface deformation in mining environments.

Nicola Battisti – Msc in Telecomunication Engineering at the University of Pisa, Radar & Remote Sensing area. Twenty year experience in Radar Signal Processing, among which ISAR, SAR, Adaptive Array Processing, Cognitive Radar, Radar Detection and Estimation. Technical expertise in Computational Electromagnetics, High Frequency Methods for RCS & Scattering.

Paolo Pasquali – Co-founding owner, President and Technical Director. MSc and PhD in Electronic Engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano. Research assistant at the Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zurich. Extensive experience in SAR signal processing, interferometry, and polarimetry.

Paolo Riccardi – BSc in Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Engineering, University of Pavia. Expertise in SAR interferometry applications.

Roberta Curti – Project coordinator oversees all project aspects.

Simone Pedrani – MSc in Space Engineering, Politecnico di Milano. Expertise in multi-static SAR and Inverse-SAR, InSAR, signal and image processing.

Stefano Monaco – MSc in Computer Science, University of Milano. Thirty year experience in software development.

Tomas Zajc – BSc in Physics, University of Buenos Aires. Experience in SAR signal processing, calibration, and interferometry.


Gabriele Calastri – Senior Associate and Member of the Board. Master in Surveying and Cartography at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Geomatics Engineering and Land Surveyor. Expertise in Geographic Information System applications and geodata description languages.

R&D partners

International Rice Research Institute – Founded in 1960, IRRI is an autonomous, nonprofit agricultural research and training organization with offices in 15 nations. IRRI mission is to reduce poverty and hunger, improve the health of rice farmers and consumers, and ensure environmental sustainability through collaborative research, partnerships, and strengthening of national agricultural research and extension systems.

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia – Founded in 1999, INGV is currently the largest European body dealing with research in Geophysics and Volcanology. The main mission is the monitoring of geophysical phenomena in both the solid and fluid components of the Earth.

Privateers NV – Keeping a continuous intense scientific research and applications development activity in remote sensing, agrometeorology, and in other fields, PRIVATEERS has developed proprietary very advanced scientific methods, as well as industrial processing chains.