So far, sarmap has been involved in more than 100 projects: approximately 2/3 on algorithm/product/service developments at the European Space Agency. The remaining 1/3 focused on the developments of innovative remote sensing based products/services for the World Bank, EC Joint Research Centre, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Brazilian Institute for Space Research, Swiss Development Cooperation, Swiss Innovation Promotion, InnoSuisse, and private sector – re-insurance, investment, and forestry sector in primis.

European Space Agency

  • Operational system for forest fire detection and burnt surface mapping
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Product development for mapping and monitoring land cover dynamics in tropical areas
    Prime Contractor University of Zurich
  • Dedicated remote sensing product generation for agro-industry
    Prime Contractor Synoptics
  • On Site customer training and outreach
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Treaty Enforcement Services using Earth Observation – Desertification
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Integration of remote sensing techniques with statistical methods for landslide monitoring and risk assessment
    Prime Contractor University of Berne Department of Geography
  • Regional burned forest mapping in mediterranean area
    Prime Contractor Vitrociset
  • Definition of software tools for commercial exploitation of ENVISAT ASAR data
    Prime Contractor Logica
  • Flood risk and damage assessment using modelling and Earth Observation techniques
    Prime Contractor SADL
  • ASAR ScanSAR interferometric products
    Prime Contractor Politecnico di Milano
  • ASAR Calibration and Quality Assessment of Alternating Processor Products
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Digital Elevation Model production and service for ERS & ENVISAT systems
    Prime Contractor Synoptics
  • TerraSAR exploitation and service infrastructure – Bridging activities
    Prime Contractor Infoterra GmbH
  • Internet Rice Information Service
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Global Monitoring for Food Security – Stage 1,2,3
    Prime Contractor VITO
  • Digital elevation model with ERS and SRTM data development
    Prime Contractor Telespazio
  • Water for the world, The ESA’s contribution to a better understanding of a global challenge
    Prime Contractor GEOSPACE
  • TerraSAR Exploitation and Service Infrastructure – Consolidation
    Prime Contractor Infoterra GmbH
  • African integrated multiple application support services
    Prime Contractor GAEL Consultant
  • Earth observation based service for the global forestry insurance
    Prime Contractor AoN
  • SAR land application tutorial
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Earth observation and corporate sustainable development – Applications in support of sustainably managed forests
    Prime Contractor AoN
  • Prototype processor for ALOS PALSAR-1 data and polarimetric interferometric products generation
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Image information mining in time series
    Prime Contractor ACS
  • Assessment of European ortho-rectification and co-registration services
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Timber volume estimation in forestry plantations
    Prime Contractor Eyre Consulting
  • ERS-Envisat Tandem cross-interferometry campaigns – CInSAR processing and studies over extended areas
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Sustainable forest management – Support to Forest Stewardship Council
    Prime Contractor Eyre Consulting
  • SARscape image processor accelerator
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • TransparentForests
    Prime Contractor Eyre Consulting
  • Earth Observation support for UN-IFAD – Crop type monitoring in Gambia
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Forest Loss Assessment through Remote Evaluation
    Prime Contractor Environment Systems
  • Dedicated Supercomputer based Sentinel-1 processing chain
    Prime Contractor University Pecs
  • Prototype of bistatic SAR processor for S1-CS and SAOCOM-CS
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Enhanced Pollution Monitoring
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • L-Band SAR applications and requirements – Consolidation study
    Prime Contractor e-geos
  • Integrated, timely relevant application of Sentinel data fusion in agricultural sector
    Prime Contractor University Pecs
  • Remote sEnsing data anaLysIs AgaiNst CrimE (RELIANCE)
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Remote sensing-based Weather Area Index Insurance (WAII) – An affordable insurance solution to increase resilience of small-scale farmers
    Prime Contractor sarmap
  • Consistent Rice Information for Sustainable Policy (CRISP)
    Prime Contractor sarmap
    Prime Contractor sarmap

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

  • The ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative

EU Joint Research Centre

  • Development of an operational ERS SAR processing chain within the South East Asia Rice Radar Investigation project
  • Development of an operational JERS-1 SAR processing chain within the Central Africa Mosaicing project

EU Framework Programme

  • SaTEllite synthetic Aperture radar interferometry to model Dam stabilitY (STEADY)
  • MARmara SuperSITE (MARSITE)
    Prime Contractor Bogazici University
  • Building Capacity for a Centre of Excellence for EO based monitoring of Natural Disaster
    Prime Contractor National observatory of Athens, Institute for space applications and remote sensing
  • Earth obseRvation Model based RicE information Service (ERMES)
    Prime Contractor Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture and its Impact on the Environment in support of GEOGLAM (SIGMA)
    Prime Contractor VITO

World Bank

  • Weather index insurance – Bangladesh
  • Weather index insurance – Thailand
  • Weather index insurance – Vietnam
  • Assessment of innovative approaches for flood risk management and financing in agriculture

Swiss Innovation Promotion

  • Segmentation and classification of multi-temporal, multi-sensor SAR data
  • Synergetic use of spaceborne optical and SAR data for generation of Digital Elevation Models
  • Generation of Digital Elevation Models based on the fusion of optical stereo and SAR interferometry techniques
  • Phase unwrapping parallel accelerator
  • Machine learning modelling of multi-modal remote sensing data

Swiss Development Cooperation

  • Remote Sensing-based Information and Insurance for Crops in Emerging Economies (RIICE)
  • Support for regeneration and integrated use of Sahelian ecosystems in Eastern Chad
  • Agricultural resilience: Linking insurance and technology with climate adapted farming systems
  • Landslides and surface deformations affecting the main municipalities of Sikkim, India
  • Application of advanced remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping and monitoring in West Sikkim district and Nainital town of Uttarakhand, India
  • RésEau: Production de connaissances et appuis institutionnels dans le secteur de l’eau au Tchad
  • Application of advanced remote sensing techniques for landslide susceptibility assessment for Bhagirathi valley, Uttarakhand, India
  • Spatial Data Analysis, Swat Valle, Pakistan


  • Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery simulator for automated target recognition

InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF)

  • Rice value chain: Climate cover in Ivory Coast


  • Improving weather risk management in West Africa – Evaluation of remote sensing for index insurance