SAR Image Processing and Signal Processing Development Engineer

We are looking for a candidate with an engineering technical background to join our SAR-InSAR R&D team.

Position Description

We are looking for a SAR Signal Processing and Image Processing development engineer who will collaborate with our research and development team in activities related to the development of algorithms and their software implementation. The candidate’s tasks will be primarily geared towards developing our processing suite SARscape and supporting both ongoing and future commercial and research projects.

The work involves the generation of the base algorithms and kernels for SAR image processing and signal processing through the implementation in C/C++ of libraries to be included in our software SARscape, and not the generation of workflows through the use of libraries already existing on the market.

A good knowledge of remote sensing and the SAR-InSAR theory is compulsory, together with strong problem-solving and team-working skills.
We offer a professional working career in an international and multidisciplinary environment, including signal processing engineers, GIS experts, geologists, software developers and computer scientists. The position is full-time and on-site.

The open position is not for SAR-InSAR Processing, Quality Control and Remote Sensing analysis expert. Software algorithm development skills are required.

Candidates must already have a passport or a work permit for the EU or Switzerland.

The main tasks of the position are:

  • Research and implementation of new SAR and InSAR signal processing algorithms in close collaboration with the computer scientists’ team to generate the most effective software solutions.
  • Processing of satellite data and analysis of results, aimed at improving the software performance for the products generation.

Technical skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in SAR Image and Signal data Processing, software development.
  • Good knowledge of C/C++, IDL. Knowledge of shell scripting will be also considered.
  • Familiarity with GPGPU programming (OpenCL, Cuda) is a plus.
  • Use of dedicated software such as ENVI-SARscape or similar is also appreciated.

General Skills

  • Passion for analysis and problem solving.
  • Enthusiastic attitude towards critical thinking and learning.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the required technical solutions.
  • Good work planning and sense of organization and delegation.
  • Team spirit, high communication skills with multidisciplinary teams and clients.
  • This position might require traveling around the world for meetings.

Required Education

  • MSc or PhD degree level in Telecommunications / Electrical Engineering/Environmental Science or similar.
  • Experience in SAR-InSAR data processing and GIS analysis will be considered.


  • Fluent English (written and oral) is compulsory.
  • Italian will be also considered.


Please, send your CV and cover letter to