Environmental Pollution Monitoring (EPM)

Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM), abandoned mines and repositories, whether legal or illegal, are associated with negative environmental and social impacts. Despite regulations, bans, complaints, encouraging cooperatives and associations, ASMs are continuously and rapidly expanding out of control. At the same time, abandoned mines and repositories – contaminating water, soil, and infrastructures with dissolved metals and acidity – are often disregarded.

Environmental Pollution Monitoring (EPM) provides to:

Regulators responsible for ensuring compliance of ASMs with national legal frameworks;

Non-Governmental Organizations working on national and international levels and including watchdog organizations that critically monitor mining activities;

Consulting companies in the domain of treatment of mine wastes and remediation;

following information:

Identification and monitoring of ASM and Large Scale Mining (LSM) operations in particular in remote/insecure areas;

Risk analysis of legacy mining operations, such as tailing dams and potentially unstable ground;

Monitoring movements of tailings dams in order to predict possible risks of failure;

Monitoring land cover changes after remediation of mining operations or activities.