SARscape Patches

Last update: 11/03/2020 SM

SARscape bug fixing and changes after the official release:

[20200311] Back compatibility Gcp tool with the old ENVI versions
[20200311] Fixed bugs in PS velocity offset estimation.
[20200311] Fixing bug GCP tool.
[20200311] Fixing bug PS.
[20200311] ENVI 5.5.3 compatibility sarmap_envi_current().
[20200311] Fixed bugs in ps geocoding step.
[20200311] Fixed bugs in ps merging step after adding new acquisition.
[20200311] Fixed bug in Layover Shadow mask for left looking images.
[20200116] SBAS error during geocoding.
[20200116] ALOS World DEM 3D 30m linux.
[20200116] New SARscape task "SARscape_setting_output_folder".
[20200116] Fixed bug in the import Generic SAR data for Palsar-1 in Jaxa format.
[20200116] Fixed bug limit to 100 images for geocode meta and series.
[20200116] New inclusion of Novasar, ICEYE, Gaofen-3 and SICD in: ENVI->File->OpenAs->SARscape.
[20200116] Fixed bug in the import Palsar-1 in ESA format.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the import ERS IMM.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the Modeler task.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the SBAS geocoding step with no displacement model option.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the PS geocode cluster version.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the sample selection(no results).
[20191127] New supported product for ASNARO-2 ScanSAR 1.1.
[20191127] Fixed bug in the De-Grandi filtering triggered when using a large amount of input data.


The latest patches for SARscape are available here:

2. Installation

This patch requires SARscape


Unzip the downloaded file and run the installer as administrator.


To install the patch please:
  1. Decompress the downloaded file using:

      tar -zxvf patchL64_5.5.2.1_20200311.tgz

  2. Via terminal (administrator privileges required), run the following setup script:

      ./ installation_dir envi_dir
      (i.e., sudo ./ /usr/local/SARscape /usr/local/harris/envi55)